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British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners

The British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners (BAAAP) was established in 1999 as the professional affiliate of the British Ayurvedic Medical Council (BAMC) in order to promote Ayurveda in the west and to overcome regulatory restrictions and cultural prejudices that inhibit its integration within mainstream health care provision in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

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Philosophy of Healthcare

The five basic elements, space, air, fire, water and earth (called Panchamahabhutas) are the ultimate physical constituents of the physical worlds as well as of the human body. Hence man''s oneness with the universe and harmony with nature is the basis of his healthcare.

Key Principles of Ayurvedic Treatment

The key principles of therapy are: avoiding the cause; making sure it is contrary to etiology; treating the whole person; treating any disorder while it is still in its infancy; making sure pacifying one disorder does not trigger another one and ensuring against their recurrence by elimination rather than suppression.

Prayer to Lord Dhanvantari

I bow down to the lotus feet of Dhanvantari, the foremost celestial being whose feet are prostrated by both gods and non-gods.
The destroyer, in the world, of old age, illness, fear and death, master and giver of various herbal medicines, curer of all diseases.

Our Mission

"A Professional Ayurvedic Association devoted to voluntary service in spreading awareness and the establishment of an Authentic, Effective, Safe and Undiluted system of Ayurveda"