Associate Members

Associate members may be any healthcare provider such as a GP, Clinician or Clinician Assistant, Naturopaths, Overseas Ayurvedic Doctors, Complimentary Therapists, Herbalists, Integrated Healthcare Practitioners or Providers, including Physicians in special interest areas related to Ayurvedic / Complimentary Medicine Practice or working in collaborative partnership within the healthcare sector.

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Dr Milind Jani GP (Details to follow)
Vaidyaratnam Dr Raghavan Ramankutty
BAMS, MBBS (Overseas Member)
Aluva, Kerala, India
Dr Sandeep Shah
BAMS, MA (Sanskrit), MD (AM), ADPC, ADND (Overseas Member)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Email –
Mira Mehta